Saturday, April 19, 2008

It's Only Hair

Gardner is gone this weekend at a work weekend in Essen. It isn't far, but he doesn't come home either. And while he is gone, I went and got my hair cut.

So this is what I looked like when he left. This picture was taken on Hannah's birthday the end of February. My hair was long and I hated it. My hair is very thin and long just made it worse. But I never took the time to go get out and get it cut.

And this is what Gardner is coming home to. I know this next picture isn't very good. I tried taking it in the mirror in the bathroom. But we have no windows and half the light bulbs were out. And the flash bounces in the mirror.

So now I get to talk about the Salon and the differences I noticed while there versus in America.
The first thing I noticed when I walked in the door was the cigarette smoke smell and noticed the ash trays on the counters where everyone gets their hair cut. There were two hair stylists there and they were busy with other customers. They greeted me but didn't move from what they were doing. Then someone else came over to me and asked me if I wanted a coffee or a coke. Now that would never happen in America.
After waiting about half an hour, it was my turn. I told the stylist what I wanted done to my hair. (cut shorter with layers) She couldn't believe how much I was asking to cut off. But then sent me over to have my hair washed. After my hair was washed, she asked me again if I wanted my hair cut so much. And my answer was the same. Yes.
So, then she had her co-worker come over. As she cut my hair, she gave her co-worker my long hair that she cut off. In America, I would of donated my hair to "wigs for kids" or a similar place. Here, they don't do that. Instead, they wanted to keep my hair for experiments. An example she told me that I understood was like coloring hair.
This co-workers jobs were kind of interesting. She stood by and handed the stylist the hair spray, the blow dryer, did the washing, the sweeping afterwards. I thought it was strange that she handed everything to the stylist.
The thing that was the biggest shocker was how expensive a hair cut here was. My total was 42 Euros. Then I tipped another 5 Euros before I left. And on top of that, I paid my daughter 4 Euros for babysitting. That was an expensive 2 hours away.
Now I wonder what Gardner will say when he comes home tomorrow.


Theriault Family said...

your hairlooks great! i can't believe shantal is babysitting!

Kay said...

It looks really cute! I think Gardner will like it because the stragely part is gone. It should be easier to take care of too. By the way, Dad gt the tickets taken care of. We'll e-mail the infor to you.

G in Berlin said...

Interesting. In NY I am always asked what I would like to drink. The nicer places go beyond coffee, tea and water to strange herb teas and water with cucumber slices;-).

I think the price for your haircut (which looks very nice) was reasonable: it's what my husband pays for his cuts here. I pay more.

And since we pay 10euro an hour for babysitting, you know why we rarely go out and why I don't want to take German classes while the kids are in school: I need time to do things!

Coleen said...

I love it!! I'm sure Gardner will like it, too :-) I keep thinking about cutting mine...but haven't been able to do it I almost let Mom just take care of it while we were in

Martina Roßmann said...

I love your haircut :-)

The co-worker might have been an apprentice who was still in the early stages of learning.

Linda said...

Tam, I LOVE your new haircut!! You look awesome!

barbara said...

Hi there,
I think that Gardner is going to love your new haircut.
Very nice ;)
I can relate; it took me awhile to venture into a French salon during my first year. I must have not made a good salon choice; I thought that it was unfriendly.
Years later, I found the salon where I'am comfortable, and I'am a regular.

My advice; go where you feel good and use" the books ". Each salon has mags or other portfolios with hairstles.It helps to visulize what you want to the hairdresser.

Have a nice day :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, haircuts in Germany are expensive. Most salons are non-smoking salons though and it depends on where you live. In NRW (thats the state you live in) you can still smoke in bars and pubs but that will change soon as far as I know.

The drinks is normal. You will find that anywhere in Germany. It's just service.

Beware, when they are washing your hair and ask you if you'd like to have a conditioner... you pay for it. Some even go that far and let you pay for hairspray. What I can suggest is, next time you are going for a haircut take a look around and compare the prizes. Some places offer the cut for 20 Euros. Or take a look if there are some special offers. Usually like cutting, styling and color for 29 Euros. There are so many hairstylists that you should find plenty of salons over there in Düsseldorf :)

If you want.. I've got friends in Düsseldorf and can ask them about the best places and where not to go :)

I am always happy to help :)

Have a great day


Briteeyes said...

WOW What a gorgeous cut Tammy, it looks great on you! Hope Gardner likes it!

Ann said...

Love the haircut. It looks great. Can't wait to see you in June.

March 2007