Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We Lost the Nanny

The house shoes (Hausschuhe) are gone, and with them the magic of our Nanny. The sad day has arrived sooner than we were hoping. In other words, the health insurance company has denied our request to extend the Nanny (Haushaltshilfe) due to Tamara's anemia.

But, we knew it would come to an end one day, and we learned some amazing things from the short time the Nanny was with us. This repeated the pattern that we saw when my mom stayed with us, and when the Relief Society (Frauenhilfsvereinigung or FHV in German) from our church helped us directly after Tamara's surgery. Our lives our much richer because of the service others have provided to us. One concrete example is that Spencer will be able to go to the movies next week with one of the families that helped us right after the surgery. Without that connection, he would not have been able to go.

That's the upside. Now to the day to day realities of dealing with Tamara's anemia. How did the kids respond to the lack-o-Nanny? How is Tamara doing? Find out in Episode 28 of our Living in Germany Podcast.

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