Tuesday, April 8, 2008


When Spencer turned 3 (at least, I think it was then!), He received wooden train set for his birthday. This train set is usually in his bedroom and barely gets used because of Ian's nap schedule. Plus, let's face it.....Spencer is older and into different things. Although, he will never give up his train set. That is his afterall.

Anyway, This is something that Ian just loves. Anytime he can get into the room, he starts playing with these trains. And since the Nanny has been here, she has built a small train with Ian a few times.

Today I mentioned bringing the big container (which is wooden, on wheels, has a string for pulling and actually has Spencer's name on it) down into the living room to keep Ian busy and happy. And it was a place that they could pull out all the train tracks, which they did!

What turned into keeping Ian happy, turned into a fun kid event for all of them. I couldn't believe how much fun they were all having. Here are just a few pictures I got of them playing with something that is old and yet so new.


Linda said...

Oh how sweet! My 10 year old Timothy still has his wooden Brio trains, and would never even think about getting rid of them.. even though he never plays with it! LOL Your pictures are awesome!

Lisa said...

Awww they are all so cute. Building train tracks is such a great activity for everyone. My boys used to love their Thomas Trains and it makes me sad to think that they've outgrown them. How great that your kiddos can all enjoy the trains together.

Mrs. Brewer said...

how cute!!! isn't it amazing at what things grab thier attention!!

-leafa mcbirdie said...

Fun times! Gotta love it when kids re-discover old favorites! You're lucky your kids play together so nicely -and I see 4 of them there! My 3 would have probably been duking it out before all the pieces were even out of the box!

barbara said...

Hi Gardner,
Thank you for your visit to my blog.
I came to say Hi on your blog also.What beautiful children ! You are several times blessed.
I hope that life in Dusseldorf is cool. I never have been there and have only been to Germany once. I'am a long time expat that has called France home since 1990 ( Geez, I'am gettin old !)

Best wishes to the family.

March 2007