Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Quick Update from Spencer

Here are a few quick items from Spencer.

By the way, he is struggling with listening to his own voice on the podcast - he thinks he sounds funny. That's a normal reaction the first time you hear your own recorded voice played back, but he doesn't realize that. So, let him know how much you enjoy his podcast and what you would love to hear from him.

Here are the jokes from (with translations) Spencer told on the show. The rhyming is important, which results in some gruesome situations (one boy stuck in the folding chair in a burning theater for instance). Have you ever read the original Grimm Brothers fairy tales. They are also gruesome. Evil step sister's foot doesn't fit in the slipper, no problem, just chop off some toes. That didn't make the cut in the Disney screenplay.

Alle Kinder sitzen im Riesenrad, nur nicht ... Klaus, der fiel raus

All the children are sitting in the ferris wheel, except for ... Klaus, he fell out.

Alle Kinder rennen aus dem brennenden Kino, ... nur nicht Abdul, der klemmt im Klappstuhl

All the children are running out of the burning movie theater, ... except for Abdul, he's stuck in the folding chair.

Alle Kinder spielen mit dem Holzbein, nur ... nicht Heinz, denn es ist seins

All the children are playing with a wooden leg, ... except for Heinz, because, well it's his.


heather said...

Super podcast, Spencer. I hope to hear more 'total podcast moments' from you in the future.

Gardner said...

thanks for the comment. I wrote that down in the show notes (or show agenda) and when he read it on the show I was a bit embarrassed. But listening to it afterwards I thought it was hilarious. He's a funny kid.

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