Friday, October 19, 2007

When it's cold it's NOT raining

Oh, what a glorious day today. It was cold, about 33° Fahrenheit (1° Celsius). This is such a beautiful thing for a kid from Missouri who loved snowy days and later love ice skating and Wisconsin's winters with his children.

The cold has always seemed to bring a freshness with it for me. Is it the freezing cold air, which is a bit hard to breath and reminds you you are alive, or is it recognizing your body's heat being generated inside your coat is also keeping alive in the cold. Maybe the memories of sledding (I lost my two front baby teeth sledding, or rather landing one winter) or skating on crisp clear ice on the neighborhood pond make me such a lover of the colder weather.

But here in Düsseldorf cold has a new meaning for me. It means it's NOT raining. The rain seems so stifling to me here in Drizzle-dorf. Perhaps it is not only the seemingly constant rain, but the lack of sun that makes Düsseldorf seem so stifling.

At any rate, it makes me wonder why Düsseldorf has chosen me twice in my life. And why I have chosen Düsseldorf now twice.
Once as a young
missionary. I put in my name and said I would go, where ever the Lord would send me. Düsseldorf was designated and I went.

The 2nd time came through work. When I looked for my first job I had a goal of working in business or software consulting with an opportunity to work overseas, specifically in Germany. The company (CGI) I found and that found me back in 1997 has long had it's Central European headquarters in Düsseldorf.

And so here I am back living and working in and around Düsseldorf, and my love affair with Düsseldorf (but not the rain) has been renewed, and I endure the rain, and rejoice at a cold or a sunny day when it comes.


J said...

Glad you like it - I hate cold weather. But you're right, at least it's not raining. Today, that is.

Jul said...

I love it when the air turns cold, too. It makes me so happy. Everyone else in Zurich is whining about the freezing temps this week, but my husband and I are both happy as can be.

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