Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I'm Back

Well, I have been missing in action for a while. I don't know exactly why, But I just haven't been too excited about writing lately. Well, maybe I do know why. But I wasn't going to share. But perhaps I will.

I got a not so nice email from someone a month ago or so. They didn't like what I have to write about I guess. And said some not so nice things about me and about my "satchel of kids". They didn't like my "hick attitude nor my hick style of writing". Honestly, I don't even know what that means. And then to follow the hick comments, I got this statement: "But then again, country music and scrap booking - what else can one expect from a fat, bored housewife."

Here is another quote from the email: "If you live in a foreign country, you could at least have the decency to respect their culture and traditions." I guess they don't like my opinions on things. :shrug:

Anyway, I have had many people asking me when I was going to blog again. Family and Friends who really care about me and my family and want to be kept up to date on our doings. Gardner has had fun blogging on here. But it is true, he blogs about different things than I do. So, I am going to try and update a bit on what is going on.

Right now, the kids are on "herbst ferien". It is Fall Holidays here. They get 2 weeks off of school. We are on our second week right now. It couldn't come at a better time after the whole ordeal with Spencer and the school.

During the school break, Gardner's parents have come out to visit us. They arrived last Thursday and are staying until Friday. The kids have had fun having Grandma and Grandpa here. Especially Emma. She runs around the house saying, "Grandmpa Wheeler, Grandpa Wheeler!" It is really cute. It is a fun stage with Emma.

When they arrived it was just like Christmas. I made a small list of some things that they brought out for us. I know I don't have everything on the list, but it is the best my memory could do at the time.

  • 18 boxes of mac n cheese
  • 300 Pokeman cards
  • 160 tampons
  • 3 Children's Tylenol
  • 160 Playtex Bottle Drop In Liners
  • one LARGE container of Peanut Butter
  • 2 Play Station 2 Games
  • 2 new Play Station Controllers
  • 15 DVD's
  • 4 bags of Candy Corn
  • 3 large boxes of lemonheads
  • 8 packs of Halloween Peeps (GROSS!)
  • 10 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (I'm having a moment of weekness!)
  • 12 packs of Microwave Popcorn
  • New Shoes for Spencer, Hannah, Gardner and Ian
  • 3 Pair of Jeans for DH
  • 4 boxes of Quacker Instant Oatmeal
  • 8 Packs of Taco Seasoning
  • 5 Light Up Bouncy Balls

Yesterday, Gardner went to the denstist and took Spencer with him to have the dentist check out Spencer's mouth where he got his tooth knocked out. Gardner got a cavity filled. His Dad is a dentist and went with them. I guess the cavity was so big and so deep that it might have gotten into the nerves already. Gardner came home in more pain than when he went in. If he wakes up today with so much pain as yesterday, he might have to get a root canal.

Spencer was sent to an Orthodontist yesterday. He only has room for 3 teeth and needs room for 6. So he went in and they are going to have to pull 2 teeth. He also has to go to speech therapy to retrain his tongue how to swallow because he pushes his tongue against his teeth as he swallows. After his teeth get pulled (which his appointment is for Thursday), then he will go back to the Orthodontist. So weird that at 8 years old, we are dealing with such big teeth problems already. I never dreamed it would start so early.

Gardner's Dad says Shantal also needs to get in for the same things. But after the last appointment I took her to, I don't want to even go there. I guess I could just put Gardner incharge of the dentist from now on.

Gardner and I are supposed to go down to Frankfurt today and we are planning on spending the night.....without kids, I might add. But with his mouth in such pain last night, I am not sure we are going still. He is still asleep right now. I have been up since 4:45am. And perhaps that is also why I am blogging today.

Anyway, I guess enough ramblings for now. I will see what I can do about blogging again in the near future. I am sure there will be things to blog about.

Thanks for stopping by!



Kristin said...

I missed you buddy! And don't worry about moronic people who have nothing better to do than to read random blogs and put people down. Hope to hear more blogging from you soon! And good luck to the little teethed ones!

Heredia Family/Yvie said...

Glad you started blogging again. Don't worry about the idiots, they have nothing better to do. Hope everything goes well with the little ones teeths. {HUG}

Harwood Family said...

If I ever got an e-mail like that I would politely ask that person to refrain from reading my blog in the future. How rude. I hope that didn't come from family or a true friend. Glad to see you back.

The Petrini Post said...

I can't believe someone wrote that to you...was it someone you know? Crazy! Anyway, i love to read your blogs and for the first time I feel like I know you so much better than I did when we were growing up...so keep up on the updates and I promise i will too. I love your scrapbooking pages BTW...do you sell them at all....I seriously would buy premade pages from you if you do. let me know. I need to start on my scrapbooking again..it's been way too long since I touched it...like 2005!
take care!

ChristinaG said...

Ignore the idiot who wrote you! If they were normal and didn't like your writing, they'd just not read your blog.

And I like country music and scrapbooking too. Nothin' wrong with that! Course, they'd probably say that I'm a fat bored housewife too... and egads, I even do genealogy!

Coleen said...

Wow...how sad must their life be!! I'm SOSOSO happy to see you back!! I've missed reading everything and finding out what was going on!! Also...I don't understand the part about respecting where you live. I've NEVER heard a disrespectful word come out of your mouth about Germany. Blah. That bothered me. Like I said, though, how sad must their life be if they have nothing better to do than to send an email to someone they don't know (I hope!!) with such mean things to say. Keep up the blogging!! Everyone loves it!! *hugs*

Briteeyes said...

We have missed reading your blogs, I read them to todd all the time, only because by the time he gets home from work, he is too tired to get back on the puter. Todd says if you want him to come over there and kick some toochie, he will be there in a heart beat. **GRIN** As for being a fat bored housewife,, well first, you aint fat, and second,, was this from another woman or a fat bored houseband?? I would have sent that person a not so polite email, I will let Debbi be the polite one, I am known as one to speak my mind,, smile!

We love hearing about what is going on in your lives Tammi, don't let it stop ya.
Also, as I was reading your list of things Gardners parents brought you,, please if you would like anything we can send to ya, just let us know,, would love to send ya anything you need!!

Love ya tons sweetie!

Lynn said...

Wait... some goatlicker has nothing better to do than read random blogs from people they don't even know, form judgements about that person and email them about how they live their life and their freedom of speech?? I'm dumbfoudned.

You're better than that, just consider the source, honey!

Jo Anne said...

Boy...the nerve of some people. If they don't like your blog, just don't read it! I love reading your blogs!! I like it when both you and Gardner write, I believe you are both very honest and open about everything! Keep up the good work!!
BTW, how did everybody get here before I did? lol

Shannon said...

Up theirs! :giggle:

They don't want to mess with this scrapbookin', country music lovin' Texas woman! ;)


Cherie said...

I'm so glad you're back! I love reading your blog!

daizie said...

glad you are back Tam!! {{hugs}} I am not going to post here my thoughts on this person, since they are not very polite & you would have to edit them LOL

Abby said...

Serously! The nerve of some people!! Don't let one email and one person get you down! We love you and want to hear all about Germany and your family.

Suzy said...

{{{HUGS}}} How dare that person judge you! Don't even waste your time worrying about what some idiot thinks. We love hearing your goings on.
And what the HELL is wronf with country music and scrapbooking? :dontknow:

.jessica. said...

ooooh my gosh!!!!! how dare they??? that is soooo flippen rude!!!! i am soooo glad you are back to blogging, i really missed reading your updates!!!! gardner's updates were good, but i really missed yours!!! hugs!

Bek said...

I just found your blog because Gardner left a comment on mine. I find it interesting and I am glad that you started blogging again. I will definitely stop by here again. Ignore those rude comments. You don't force anyone to read your blog. If they don't like it, they shouldn't read it.

-leafa mcbirdie said...

Tam, I'm sending you {{hugs}} from the good ol' USA! :)
Obviously the rude comments came from a nitwit who was bored and had nothing better to do than pull your chain... what a pathetic existence, to have to be mean to others in order to make themselves feel good! If they had bothered to learn anything about you, they'd know that you're anything but bored ...my gosh, you're married and have FIVE children ...hellloooo!
The best advice I can offer up is:


Mean people suck and they're not worth your worry! 'nuff said!

Blog on sistah!

-leaf :)

Gardner said...

Thanks for all the great support for my wife. She truly does a great job with the kids, not to mention the blog.

It's great to have a her back.

J said...

New reader here - Gardner found my blog too..lol

Don't let the idiots get you down. I've had my share of those emails and comments, but I keep blogging just to annoy them!

Ok, for my friends and family back in the US also.

{monica} said...

Oh my gosh...I can't believe someone would take the time to say those things...why wouldn't they just not read it if they didn't like it? Idiots. I'm glad you opted not to listen and to keep blogging. :)

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