Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tamara's Long Update

Well, I guess an update from me is long over due. The last time I wrote was 1 1/2 weeks ago.

As you all know, two days after Grandma and Grandpa Wheeler left to go home, I was admitted to the Hospital. It was Sunday night when I started to have pains in my abdomin. I wasn't thinking much of it. I get sick a lot to my stomach, but I knew these pains were different than normal. Gardner wasn't here. I was a lone with Ian and Emma. I got Ian to bed and Emma and I sat on the front porch waiting for everyone else to return home. It got to the point, I could not sit there any longer. The pains were getting stronger and I was really hurting. I tried laying down again.

At last, Gardner showed up and I decided to just go to bed. I thought that perhaps by some chance I could just sleep it off and I would feel better in the morning. And if not, then I would know it was time to get checked out. Well, it got to the point that I could not even lay in bed. The pains continued to come harder and stronger. I started making noises with each one and Gardner was worried.

He called our friend who is almost finished studying to be a doctor and they both decided I should be taken in right away. At 10:30pm, our friends arrived to watch the kids and possibly stay the night.

I got in right away into the E.R. But wouldn't you know it, before we got to the hospital, the pains stopped. But, we went in anyway. They did an ultrasound. They took blood. Of course, they pushed all around on my big belly. They kept saying the the Apendix is a small but tricky organ and I should have to stay a few days to be watched. At this point, we just wanted to go home and get to bed. Finally, they told us we could go home but would have to fill out a form saying we were leaving against the doctors orders. And then I would have to be back no later than 9am to be checked again.

With that, we decided I should just stay and get some sleep. They started an I.V. They took me up to my room (number 433). I noticed the clock as I was being pushed in a wheelchair up to my room. It was 1:30am. It was also strange because I kept seeing people all laying around on the floors in the hallways with their pants pulled down. Later someone mentioned they were all probably drunk and waiting for them to become sober.

To make a long story short, Gardner always spoke with the doctor everytime he came to visit. Gardner was there with the kids 2 times each day. He says I ended up with a bladder infection, but I don't know if I really buy that theory.

Finally, I left the hospital Tuesday Night around 6pm. I don't know if they were going to let me go or not. At 4pm, I went to them and told them I was going home. I mentioned I would sign a form if they wanted but I was leaving. They told me to hang tight for another hour and the doctor would come by to see me. He did come by and he did grant my wish and allowed me to go home.

Here I was, a place were there was peace and quiet. Something I never have. And all I was wishing was to be home. I was so bored. I just wanted to have my crazy and loud life back. I missed the kids and I know they missed me. They never wanted to leave the hospital when it was time. Although, with the bigger kids, I wonder if it had more to do with them being able to watch TV than being with me. (We don't have TV here at our house).

I missed doctors appointments for the kids and the kids first day back to school after the holiday break. I guess as a Mom, I got used to these little things that take place in the day. Oh and the biggest thing I missed while I was gone.....a sale at Aldi. Man there were things on sale that Monday I missed out on. I still think about the cutter I wanted to buy and the binding machine.

Anyway, I am glad to be back and those days and times I start longing for peace and quiet, I hope to remember how much I really didn't enjoy the quiet I had and then appreciate what I got.



Briteeyes said...

Glad you are feeling better. How odd to see people pasted out on the floor of a hospital! I am like you, I like my caotic life!!!

Kimberly said...

Glad to see you have recovered. I have had my own bouts with that problem but I can’t ever imagine being admitted to the hospital for almost 3 days for it.

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