Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sleeping Last Night

Last night, Gardner and I slept in the living room. It is on the main floor and as a reminder, our bedroom is up 2 flights of stairs. Gardner initially went to the basement to sleep. But I went down there to talk to him and asked him if he thought the basement was warmer than the living room. His response was no. So when he heard I was sleeping on the main floor, he also slept there. He dragged a mattress from the basement. We grabbed all the blankets from our bed and the beds in the basement. I made a nice comfy spot on the couch. I had 3 blankets on top of me. Not just three blankets, but the thick German kind. As I was laying there, I thought it would be funny to get a picture because it was an amazing amount of blankets on top of me. And I was still cold. My feet had 2 pair of socks on them and I had sweats on my legs. And from my knees down were terribly cold. It was 12:30 when we finally laid down. And I eventually fell asleep until Ian woke up at 2:30am.

When I heard him crying, I jumped up and realized I was sweating. I was so hot by this point. All the blankets came off, but one. I took off both pair of socks. And most of the night, my feet were hanging out of the blanket to get some cooler air.

I don't know what it is about sleeping that makes us warm up. Because here I am, sitting on my couch. The same couch I slept on during the night and I am freezing. I have my same sweats on. My same pair of socks, and same sweater.

I have to add that at 5:30am, Hannah and Emma joined our sleeping party in the Living Room. Hannah thought it was so comfy. I don't know why they think it is time to get up at 5:30 am. But I put a stop to it right away and we all continued to sleep until 7 am.

I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed. But for tonight, I will be sleeping on the couch again so I can hopefully stay warm.

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Cherise said...

Back when we lived in Wisconsin, it would get sooo cold, especially at night. We would put a heating pad in our bed about 10 minutes before it was sleeping time, then turn it off once we were in bed. It was great for Craig, because he didn't have to suffer through warming up my freezing feet!

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