Friday, October 26, 2007

Shrek Marathon!

Yesterday I went to a store called Ratio and bought the Movie, Shrek the Third. My kids love the Shrek Movies and when they saw that Shrek the third was out on video, we just had to buy it. Normally, I don't buy movies when they are brand new. But Shrek the third was not that expensive.

For example, Meet the Robinsons has been out for I believe 2 months on video here in Germany. But it is almost 20 Euros. I got Shrek the Third for 14 Euros.

Great thing is the movie comes in both German and English. We usually watch movies in English at home. But when the kids have friends over, then they can watch something in German.

Every Friday Night, the kids look forward to Friday Family Movie Night. So they decided we would watch Shrek the Third today for our Movie Night. Well, at lunch time, the kids started asking if we could have a Shrek Marathon and watch all three movies in one sitting. I had to calculate how long they would be where they are still in bed by 9pm. And sure enough, if we started by 3pm, we would be done in time. I had to plan enough time for a small break inbetween plus dinner.

Well, I then said, we could only do it if everyone's homework is done and if all their jobs were done. And we had to start the movie no later than 3pm. And guess what, we started the movie at 2:58pm.

So here we are, in the middle of our Shrek Marathon. I personally have never watched the first two straight through. Of course, I have heard it in the background while on the computer or while I'm in the Kitchen. I plan on watching more intently today so I can say I have seen them. And I guess that means, I need to stop blogging.


Shary said...

Hi Tamara
Just found your blog through your sketch challenge for cards. We're from UK. We've been living in Germany for 5 years because hubby is in the British army. I have four kids. Great blog and made me smile.

Jo Anne said...

Sounds like lots of fun!! Di you enjoy the movie?

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