Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Scrapfreak is Back

Well, today was a milestone for Tamara. It was her first full day of scrapbooking in a long, long time. A friend from Scrapfreak came down from Hamburg (to visit family in the area). The friend snuck away from family activities for the day and she and Tamara spent the day scrapbooking. They took over the DachgeschoƟ and seemed to be having a good time.

I can't really tell because scrapbooking is so complicated, and I realized again today that I am mostly confused when they talk about their activities. There are lots of tools, scraps of papers, competitions, acronyms, etc. I often just have to nod and pretend I understand what she's talking about when she tells me something. But I love the end product. Very nice photo albums with cute pictures of our kids.

I can only compare the complexity to something like replacing the head gasket on a '64 Mustang convertible and trying to tell Tamara about it. She just wouldn't get it, and that's O.K., because she would enjoy the end product - cruising down the highway in a cool looking convertible. O.K., I actually think Tamara would hate having a '64 Mustang convertible, but you get the point.

My main job is to ask - when can me and the kids come home. I did with the 4 oldest children and got lucky on Ian taking a long afternoon nap. I was happy for Tamara.


.jessica. said...

im so happy that tamara got to join us for freakfest today!!!! and got to meet a fellow freak too!!! :)

Conibaer said...

I had sooo much fun with Tamara last saturday! The whole Wheeler-family rocks! Thanks again for such a great time I spend at your home!
Hugs, Coni

Gardner said...

Thanks Coni. It was nice to meet you and it was great for Tamara.

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