Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Day of German Reunification

Well, Tamara and I have been reunified on the Blog, Germany celebrated its Day of Reunification, and I am attempting to continue blogging.

I don't have much except to say that I am glad to see my wife back on the blogging trail. Tamara says I can still blog as well, and I will hopefully add a different perspective to our living in Germany blog. Obviously I am a father who works long hours in international business (which I am still learning to navigate), so I see things from a much different perspective. Maybe, that will be it's own blog one day, but for now it is just glad to see her back.

Below is an image of what the October 3rd, the German Day of Reunification looked like on I also searched google in English for Day of Reunification and found some decent articles on the subject. For those in Germany, or for those who use you saw the flag waving.

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