Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I See One!

I went Grocery Shopping this morning. I went to Aldi first, as I try to get there right at 8am when they open. Today was a day that Shantal and Spencer don't go to school until 8:45 am. So they were able to stay home with Emma and Ian while I ran by myself to Aldi. So I dropped off Hannah at school (as school for her was at 8am), and then headed on over and got everything I needed from Aldi. Of course, Aldi doesn't carry everything I need. So I also had to go over to Real. But there is not enough time to do that before the kids had to go to school. So after Aldi, I went back home.

I unloaded what I had bought, packed up the other four kids and off we went. I dropped off Spencer and Shantal at school. When I drive to Real, I have to pass by Aldi. And then it happened. The words that Emma consistantly says! "I see one! Mom, there is one!" Nothing else is around. It is only the Aldi.

Emma has been doing this lately. Everytime we drive past an Aldi Grocery Store, she says that exact phrase, without fail. If I am running to Aldi, she tells me, "I want to go to Aldi, too". It is all too cute the way she says it. I know my writing about it doesn't explain how cute it is everytime she does it.

Obviously, Aldi is a big part of our lives. I go there three times a week. It is my main grocery shopping store. And why it is so fabulous to go there from the perspective of a 2 year old is strange to me. She has to sit in the back of the cart and hates it. But Ian is smaller and therefore, sits in the front. Then she sits there while I fight my way into the crowds to get all the sale items. She gets all the groceries crammed around her. Seriously, she complains everytime we are there. But for some reason, she loves Aldi.

For now, I will always smile when Emma sees an Aldi. Because when Emma talks, usually no matter what she says, I smile. She is just too cute when she talks.

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