Friday, October 26, 2007

We Have Heat!

At this very moment, we have reached heat status. What that means, is that I had to take off a layer of clothes because I was a little warm. The man from the heating company (the same one always shows up) was here this morning for over an hour. And when he left, he told me we were all turned on and we would be having heat within a few hours. And sure enough, I can walk around without socks on again. My floors are warm.


Martina said...

Ahhhh....warm floors! Here's a hint: next year in March, when it turns really warm outside all of a sudden, don't call the guy right away to have the heat turned off, because it won't last and will turn freezing cold again before spring *really* arrives.

Gardner said...

That is a very good point.

We know b/c it happened to us last spring.

Jo Anne said...

Heat!! Wooo HOOO!!!

March 2007