Friday, June 29, 2007

Ian's First Hair Cut

Tomorrow Ian will be 10 months old. OK, I will also be turning older tomorrow. But I will post about that tomorrow.

Anyway, I gave Ian his first hair cut today. I don't know if you can see how much was taken off. But there was quite a bit for a little boy. I had Spencer (who is 8) take the pictures for my scrapbooking addiction. He took 22 pictures. I told him to just keep taking pictures because then there would be at least one good picture.

So now the question is, How many people does it take to cut a babies hair? The answer will be at the bottom after the pictures.

Here is the before pic:

And some Action Photos:

And the After Picture:

So, now that you have seen the pictures: How many people does it take to cut a babies hair?

  • One person to cut the hair (that was my job)
  • One person to hold the baby (that was Gardner's Job)
  • One person to take the pictures (Spencer)
  • One person to distract said baby so he would look the right direction (thanks Shantal)
  • And two kids playing in the bath tub who wanted to be apart of it all (Hannah and Emma)

So in all, it took 6 of us to cut his hair. I laughed about it during the hair cut!

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The Moo said...

I think Spencer did an awesome job of taking the pics. I especially like the one where Gardner is holding him sideways. Spencer looks extremely happy in the last pic.

Hope you had a happy birthday!

Greatmommoo from Scrapfreak

March 2007