Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Amazing Emma

Yesterday I was unloading the dishwasher with my 2 year old daughter, Emma. We were putting away the dishes from the dishwasher into the cupboards she can reach and I put away a Tupperware bowl with the rest of the Tupperware dishes, while Emma took some Tupperware plates and put them in the cupboard with the kids dishes, i.e., the ones they can reach and can't break. They are mostly Tupperware and are commonly used for breakfast. I then walked out of the kitchen area into the dining room area (where Emma was finished putting away her dishes), but there was a problem.

I wasn't sure what the problem was, I just knew that Emma was very animated about something. She kept pointing and saying something very loudly. Since she is just learning how to talk I couldn't understand her the first three times she said whatever it was she was trying to say. Then I realized, with her pointing, and me listening better, that she wanted to tell me that I put the Tupperware bowl in the wrong cupboard. I honestly didn't believe her, I mean Tupperware is Tupperware, right?

Wrong! The Tupperware bowl I put away actually belonged with in "kids dishes" cupboard as she had so clearly stated three times. I was dumbfounded and amazed, and glad I had listened rather than telling her she was wrong or poo pooing the idea. I had gone along with the change in cupboards to appease her and move on. But when I put the Tupperware bowl into the "kids dishes" cupboard, I saw several other bowls just like that one and realized Emma had been right.

It was a good lesson for me and a good experience with my daughter. For now, I just take away the idea that listening to the wise women in your life and to your children is a good idea.

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