Monday, July 16, 2007

My Birthday

Well, my birthday was actually a few weeks ago. But I have not had any time to actually blog.

My birthday was June 30th. It landed on a Saturday. The kids had planned with Gardner to make me Breakfast and to let me sleep in. It was supposed to be a surprise, but I have recently learned that Hannah is not so good with secrets.

Well, Hannah and Gardner made donuts for breakfast. We got a donut maker a few weeks ago and the kids have loved making them and of course eating them. I don't think any of the kids realized I did not eat any donuts. I ended up making eggs and sausages to go with the donuts. And I ate the eggs.

Afterwards, we went to Schinnen, Netherlands to an American Base with my friend, Yolanda Kraft. It was a family event. We went bowling, ate ice cream and the best part, I got to go grocery shopping for things I have not had in 10 months. I was like a kid in a candy store. I spent 215 dollars. I could of easily bought so much more. The kids were just as excited when they saw what I had bought. They ate fruit snacks on the way home and were sooooo quiet.

The kids gave me a present. It was a big chocolate heart from Milka, which is a brand of chocolate. Sooooo yummy! It is gone of course. But I did share with each of the kids.
Gardner wanted to stop and buy flowers on the way to the American Base, but we were late and I told him not to.

Well, he showed up with flowers on July 5th, the day before we left for vacation. I thought that was odd since we were leaving town and I would not be able to enjoy them. But the timing was amazing. I don't think he realizes what he did on that day.

July 5th is the day we lost the baby (Holden) 3 years ago. Normally we do something special on that day. The kids had done sparklers for the past 2 years on this day. Kind of easy since it is during the 4th of July season. But since we are not in America, that was not an option and the kids even talked about how we would not be doing them this year. I had been pretty emotional for a week or so leading up to this day. And then Gardner showed up on THIS day with the flowers. He could of bought the flowers on any other day or not at all, but he showed up with them on July 5th. The birthday gesture was more than that to me on that day. I sure do love him!

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