Thursday, July 19, 2007

Our Vacation Day #4

Monday July 9, 2007

Today we took the kids to Wolfsburg. Wolfsburg is the Corporate Headquarters for VolksWagen. We ended up at a Water Park. It was not very big, but big enough for the kids to have fun. They had 2 water slides. One you had to be 6 for. Luckily, the three older kids were old enough. But then there was one that you use a inner tube but you had to be 10. This did not go over so well with the kids. I did let Shantal and Spencer go down one time. Spencer loved it so much and couldn’t help but to keep asking to go again. Of course, my answer was no. But it was worth asking repeatedly.

There was also a lazy river. This was no ordinary lazy river. This was more like a rapid river. It was so fast. But that was one of my favorite parts. It started indoors and took you outdoors.

There was a wave pool. A big hit with the kids everytime the waves would turn on.

And of course, a kids pool. When we ask the kids what their favorite thing of our trip was, the water park was their number one thing we did.

It was our last night in Lengede. Ian got his first taste of ice cream. That was soooo funny. And yes, he LOVED it! After dinner and ice cream, we played board games before bed.

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Colleen said...

Love all your pics and it sure looks like everyone had a great day!

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