Friday, July 20, 2007

Our Vacation Day #5

Tuesday July 10, 2007

We got up this morning and got our van packed. But before we left town, the bigger kids and Gardner went over to the church where Sibylle’s mom works. They took a little tour of the bell tower there. The kids even got to ring the bells.

Afterwards, we left Sibylle and her family and drove to Berlin. It is time for us to spend some time with Adrian, our exchange student from a few years ago. We got into Berlin at 2:30pm but needed to check into our place we were staying for the night. In Berlin, we are staying at Youth Hostiles. This is something new for us.

In the youth hostile, we ended up with 2 rooms. One room has 4 set of bunk beds. The other room as one bunk bed with 2 twin beds as well. One room was enough, but since they offered us 2 rooms, we took them. At first, Gardner and I were going to share the smaller room and have Ian stay with us. But we both decided it was not safe and the kids are just too small still for such a thing. So Gardner slept with the kids and I slept alone with Ian.

After we got settled into the youth hostile, we went to meet Adrian. First thing we did was meet his girl friend, Anja. She was very friendly. We got a tour of where Adrian lives (his apartment) and then we headed off to get something to eat. We ate Doner Kepabs and French fries. Very popular thing here in Germany.

Then we went back to Adrians apartment to discuss our plans for Wednesday.

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