Friday, June 22, 2007

Recent Pictures

Here is Ian. He was soooo into this apple. I think I took 38 pictures of just him and this apple. At first he was laying on the floor. He was so happy until I took the apple away.

I took these pictures of the kids in the tub. They used water dye. I wish I would of thought to take a picture of Emma and Shantal in the Pink Water they had.

I took this picture the day that Ian's tooth broke through his gums. He now has two of them. If you look close enough, you can see it in there.

These are pictures of Hannah's Kindergarten Breakfast with the parents. It was the morning after spending the night in the school.


Rebecca said...

Love the fun pictures. I cannot believe your kids are! :)

Rebecca said...

That should say I cannot believe how blonde your kids are. Hee hee ;)

Todd said...

cute kids-love looking at your pics!

Sara (SF)

Suzy said...

Great photos! Your kids are so cute!!!

daizie said...

great pics! although I must say that yellow water is kinda scary LOL

Coleen said...

I can't believe how big my Ian is getting!! When I come out there in November, he's not going to have a clue who I am (that goes for Emma, too!)

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