Friday, June 15, 2007

Body Parts

So I started this blog almost a week ago. And since then, I have been dragging my feet to finish it! So, here goes nothing!

Ian got his first tooth on Wednesday. It is so exciting to see this prickily thing sticking up through his gums. And today, I see his second tooth about to pop through the gums as well. No teeth for so long and now, they are just all going to come around the same time. (and yes, now he has two of them. Seems like he might be having more come through as well. He is cranky enough!)

And Hannah, She lost her second tooth on Wednesday. Of course, the tooth fairy forgot about her Wednesday night. But then the tooth fairy made good and showed up Thursday night. Luckily, Hannah forgot to put her tooth under her pillow. So I was able to use that as an excuse as to why the tooth fairy did not show up. WHEW!

So, Shantal and Spencer used their feet on Friday. They had a class field trip. They went to see a Play. It was Pippi Longstocking. They went into the city to see this play. It is a little more than 4 miles away. When the kids came home, they told me they WALKED to the play. I about passed out. I could not believe it. The kids were so dramatic about the whole event when they got home. And they both said they would NEVER go on another field trip with the school again.

Gardner has hurt his back. He went and saw a doctor and got a shot. It feels a little better. But unfortunately, he ran for a bus today and so now he says it hurts again.

So with bikes, comes helmuts to protect your head. The kids have been so excited to ride their bikes to school this past week. But some kids started to tell the kids it wasn't allowed. So I went in and inquired at the school. It indeed is fact that there is no riding bikes to school. Spencer and Shantal are so upset over this rule. And as their mom, I hate it too. I loved them riding their bikes to school. I got a lot of reasons why they can not have place to lock them up, not insured if they are on bikes vs walking, need bike training.....blah, blah, blah.

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daizie said...

yay for teeth & the tooth fairy & field trips (even if they had to walk LOL) -- you have had a busy busy week Tamara :)

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