Monday, June 25, 2007


A few months ago, a friend of ours from Wisconsin talked to us about podcasting. He said I kept a very good blog about our time here in Germany and we should consider expanding that into podcasting. Gardner and I at first was a bit intrigued, but then let the idea slide as we were just so busy trying to get settled and getting used to all the knew stuff that comes with living in a foreign country.

Well, the topic of us starting to podcast has come up again. And we actually took the plunge last week and recorded our first episode. We completed our second episode tonight. We are not very good at it......YET. I personally got very nervous tonight. Last week, I was as calm as could be. But tonight, when I logged on, I saw three people there WAITING to listen to us to see what we had to offer. And that gave me the jitters.

The other thing was that Ian woke up about five minutes before we were to start recording, LIVE! We chose 9:30pm because the kids are usually in bed by then and we would have quiet in the house. So that threw me a bit as well.

I learned a few things tonight though. ALWAYS have back up material to talk about. I think things through in my head and I think that will last awhile. For example, something will take me approximately 5 mintues to discuss. But once I start talking about it, I can do it in 30 seconds.

We want all of our episodes to be between 15 minutes and 30 minutes. I think they are better shows when they are shorter and people will have more of a desire to stick around and listen to the whole show when it is shorter vs longer.

Even though knowing I had listeners right there made me nervous tonight, it was also a lot of fun to see where they were from and to answer their questions about our family or where we live.

Here is a link to our podcast called, Living In Germany.


daizie said...

that is so cool Tamara!

daizie said...

It is so great to put a voice to your name!!

Rebecca said...

Very cool! I had never heard of that before.

Coleen said...

That's great! I listened to both episodes tonight :-) I'll have to show mom and dad when they get back!

Tracy said...

Very cool! That is really a neat idea.

BTW, I tagged you on my blog. :)

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