Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Summer Vacation

We have made plans to do a little traveling in July.

First we plan on traveling to Hannover. We will be visiting Sibylle, our Au Pair from a few years ago. We get to meet her parents and do some sight seeing around that area.

After Hannover, we are heading East to Berlin. We will be visiting Adrian. He was our first Exchange Student. He is just now completing school and is going to be starting the Police Academy. We will be able to visit with his family. We have met his Mom and Grandma before. But we are planning a nice dinner where we get to meet his Dad, his girlfriend and also his Sister. There are lots of things to see in Berlin and I am so happy to be going there.

Lastly, after we spend Five days with Adrian, we are going up North to the Baltic Sea. We will only be there one night. But hopefully there will be good weather so we can enjoy being on the beach. The kids and myself included really love the water, the sand and all that comes with beach life. I would love to stay there even longer. But Gardner has to be back to work.

So hopefully I will come back with a lot of great pictures to share and some great stories as well. I don't think we know for sure when we are leaving. But sometime the beginning of July.

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