Tuesday, June 19, 2007

School's Out

Well, today was Shantal and Spencer's last day of school. At 8am, they were supposed to be at the church. Every Wednesday morning, the whole school goes over to the Catholic church for services. My kids usually don't go because they have an extra German Class during that time. But today, they were supposed to go. They were a little late (OK, they made it for the last 5 mintues) because we could not find the right church. It is the church I thought it was. But my kids were so sure I was wrong. We only found out I was right by me sending Spencer in to see if the rest of the kids were there.

After Church, they went back to school and cleaned the classroom and had a Cookie Party. Everyone in his class was supposed to bring cookies. And then school was out at 10:45am.

Hannah still has school for a few more days. Friday is the last day. Then she has three weeks off. Then her school is open for the last three weeks of the Summer break and she can attend if she wants. And of course, Hannah wants to.

Hannah had something similar to a Preschool Graduation last weekend as well. All the kids moving up to the Elementary School had a Sleep Over at the school Friday Night. They arrived at the school at 10am. Packed a lunch and then rode the city bus up to Duisburg and went to the Duisburger Atlantis Museum. It is a Children's Museum. They had dinner in the school, a dance at night and then Slept. Saturday Morning, all the parents came for a special breakfast. Before Breakfast, the school kids did a skit and sang us songs.

Gardner and I arrived at the school Saturday morning and Hannah was excited to see us, started showing us around and then suddenly, out of nowhere, she started to cry. And then it was time for the singing and program to begin. Well, Hannah would not go up with the rest of the kids (there are 11 kids total). She sang a few songs from where she was standing. And then the skit, each child had a part. Even Hannah. And when it was her turn, she said her part. I was so surprised. And yet I was so thrilled for her. And I could see the looks on some of the parents faces and how thrilled they were for her as well.

It was a great time spent with just Hannah, Gardner and myself. That rarely happens.

Spencer and Shantal came home yesterday with their report cards. Grades are different here then in America. But if I translate it into what American's have....A, B, C, D, F (in Germany, it is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), Shantal got a B average and Spencer an A- Average. I was so excited to see how well they did and where they excelled. They have only been going to the German Schools since the end of October, so approximately 8 months.

I'm looking forward to the short summer vacation the kids have. I am ready not to have a stressed morning routine trying to get everyone out the door in time. Those that want to sleep in (OK, that would be Shantal) can. And those that want to still get up at 6am (Hannah and Spencer) can.


Holly Lane said...

whoohoooo summer vacation!!!

I can't wait until July when summer school is done and we can sleep in!! lol

daizie said...

yay for sleeping in!! I bet you are so proud of those grades!

.jessica. said...

hope the kids have fun on summer vacation!!!!

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