Monday, June 11, 2007

Friday's Grocery Store Trip

So Friday, I was coming home from a grocery store I had never gone to before. It is called Real, pronounced RAY-AL. Anyway, I was driving on the autobahn, going my usual 95 miles an hour. Totally EXCITED that I found bags of crushed ice while shopping. They were small bags and cost 2 euros each. I picked up two of them. Most of you know how much I like to chomp ice and ice is not something you find here in Germany too often.

My mind traveled to things I saw at the store. It is a store kind of like Super Wal-mart where there is food and toys, automotive, ect. So I had looked at bike Helmets because Shantal needed one. So I was thinking I need to take her back because she is so darn picky on what she gets.

Then my mind traveled to when Gardner would be coming home from work.

I was just enjoying the car ride home. It was quiet even though Emma and Ian were in the back. The windows were rolled down because it was a hot day and our air conditioner still is not fixed.

I got off the autobahn and was coming to the signal and looked in my rear view mirror. There I saw Emma, kneeling in her carseat, looking out the back window. I shouted her name so loud. Emma turned around and sat down. I told her she had to be buckled. She said No. I asked her, did mommy forget to buckle you? She said yes. Oh my gosh, I felt so terrible.

This is the same child I dropped face first on a cement floor when she was less than three months old. What am I thinking?

I guess I won't be winning the mommy of the year award again this year.

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Dorothy said...

Oh yes... been there, done that!! I'm a cop... certified car seat installer... and STILL forgot to buckle Noah... not once but THREE TIMES in one week.

It happens... and that Mother Of The Year Award is overrated... ;)

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