Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Chicken Pox?

This is going to be real fast tonight since it is already past 11pm.

This week, we had a shocking discovery when we found red dots all over Emma's Stomach. I was SURE it was Chicken Pox since she had not had her vaccine yet. I noticed them Monday morning. And here it is Wednesday. So I took her into the doctor's this morning to confirm or deny my suspicions. The things was, she only had these red dots on her stomach. Although, last night a few popped up on her legs. And today, I found some on her diaper area.

Anyway, I took her to the doctor. And the doctor said it did indeed look like Chicken Pox. But upon further investigation, she felt like it was NOT chicken pox after all. Just a virus. She says Chicken Pox comes so fast and Emma's are taking days for new ones to appear. Plus they are not blistered up either. I am actually relieved she does not have this. And to celebrate, she is returning to the doctors office tomorrow to get her shot!

I am also taking Ian in for his First Doctor's Appointment. Yes, he did see a doctor at 2 weeks of age. But none since then. He is 9 1/2 months old. I got a lecture today at the doctors office while making my appointment for tomorrow. I roll my eyes because the doctor was really nice about it. It was the receptionist who was giving me a hard time.

Tonight, I worked on a 2 page scrapbooking layout. I was making pages for The Wheeler Family Reunion we had in Utah last year. I have page one completely finished, but page two still needs my journaling. I know the Wheeler Family would be excited to see it, so I am adding it here!

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Rebecca said...

What a relief it wasn't Chicken Pox. Cute layout!

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