Thursday, May 15, 2008


As you know, we drove down to Erlangen on Friday to visit some American Friends who live there. They are getting ready to move back to America so we wanted to see them one last time before they moved. They have 4 kids and the wife is very pregnant with their fifth.

We all went out Saturday to site see in Nurnberg. We took the bus and then the train. You can imagine the looks we got as we would trapse around with 9 kids. Germany is not a place with a lot of kids. And matter of fact, there are many times that people are turned off by the large amount of kids.

While in Nurnberg, we did an ice cream stop at one point. I gave Ian an ice cream cone for the very first time. Normally he just gets licks and bites of Emma's or Shantal's. But this time, he got his very own. He was so excited, I wanted to take a picture of him. Then I decided to take a picture of all 5 kids together. Well, imagine my surprise after I got my picture to turn around and see a crowd of older people gathered around watching me get this picture. I think there was around 10 people who stopped to watch.

While in Nurnberg, we just walked around the city and at one point, we were going up this very steep hill. The kids kept telling us they needed a break. So we found some shade for the kids to take a break. And what do they do? They start pulling themselves up on the walls.

Anyway, here are some pictures of our time in Nurnberg. Really, no particular order since I don't want to deal with Blogger and re-arrange them.


Heidi said...

I know families with many children are really uncommon in Germany, so you can imagine my surprise to learn that my best friend in Germany (who is German) just had her 6th child! Furthermore, her brother has 6 children also. They are not LDS or Catholic either! LOL

Gardner said...

That's funny. We know several families with 2 and a few families with 3 children.

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