Friday, May 16, 2008

Emma is Three!

Wednesday, Emma had a birthday and turned three. It is amazing how fast time flies. She has now spent more than half her life here in Germany. That is so weird to think of.

She slept so late that I woke her up around 9:30 that morning. Shantal got up early and had made her a birthday crown before she went to school. Emma was excited, even though the crown was too small to fit on her head.

She got a Laufrad for her birthday. For those that don't know, a Laufrad is a bike without peddals. It is a big thing for the small kids here. Seems like they have these little bikes instead of a small bike with training wheels. Helps the kids learn balance and seems like younger kids can ride real bikes sooner than kids in America.

She is very excited about this Laufrad. Although, we haven't let her ride it outside yet. Gardner is having problems figuring out the back break. It keeps sticking to the wheel.

She choose a Yellow Cake mix for her birthday. I made that but must say that she has not even had a piece yet. And there is one piece left. I told everyone that must be for Emma. She would cry if she didn't get a piece.

Before she went to bed that night, I had bought ice cream bars. She was loving it. Afterwards she got in the shower and then she got to open up one last present. It was from Shantal and Spencer. I think it is what she loves the most. It was a Polly Pocket.

Matter of fact, she told me yesterday that I could take the Laufrad back to the store because she was done with it. I think that would change once she can take it outside to ride.

Here are some pictures of Emma on her big day!


G in Berlin said...

Interesting! We have the kettler laufrad and it doesn't have a brake. My 4 yo graduated from it to the tiny bike with pedals and now we are trying to move the just 2 yo from the trike to the laufrad (getting some resistance). I think the laufrad is a fabulous thing and kids learn much more easily than on bigger bikes.

Theriault Family said...

what a big girl! happy birthday emma!

steve took the pedals off our kids' bikes, so they would learn to balance... sounds kind of like the laufrad. it's true... em and noah were riding a 2 wheeler within a week of doing that!

Maria said...

Hmm... our laufrad also is without brakes. The Boy likes to get pushed on it, but so far is opposed to balancing on his own.

Anyway, looks like a great birthday. :)

Gardner said...

@All - I took the brake off, because it just seemed easier and thanks to your comments.
Emma is still a little bit too short for the bike. But by summer it should fit perfectly.

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