Sunday, May 25, 2008

I'm A Big Girl Now!

OK, so I can't help but think of the Pull-ups Commercial in America when I say the title of this blog entry. {laughs}

Anyway, I am talking about Emma. She is a big girl. She is now 3 after all. But many things have happened over the course of the last two weeks with Emma that I find myself in awe at how big she is now.

First off, we took her binky away. I should say that I did it, and Gardner followed along with my fabulous plan. I started telling Emma about 2 weeks before her birthday that when she turned 3, she no longer gets to have a binky. I told her that she will be a big girl and doesn't need a binky.

Well, on her birthday, I did just that. Took her binky away. She turned 3 on May 14th and hasn't had a binky since. She has asked for it on a few occasions. But it is usually during the day when she is tired or something has happened. But it is so cute at night. We have a routine. And after I help her brush her teeth, we go in her room. And as she is running in there, she tells me every night, "I don't need a binky. I am a big girl". It is very cute.

To help with the transition of a binky to no binky, I bought her a princess pillow. It was something she wanted and now she sleeps with that pillow at night instead of her binky.

Another thing that has made me think of Emma being a big girl is a wallet. I know, sounds funny. But let me explain.

The three older kids have wallets and have their own money in those wallets. And when we go anywhere, they grab their wallets just in case they decide they want to buy something. well, little Emma never had money of her own to justify having a wallet. And after all, a 2 year old really doesn't need one. Well, that all changed when she turned 3. She got some money from Grandma Johnson. I did the exchange from American money to German money as I always do. And Emma was the proud owner of a few Euro Bills. And normally, I would of kept in my wallet or somewhere up high. But she was so excited and wanted a wallet.

Well, Hannah was nice enough to give Emma a wallet that she could keep. Matter of fact, it was a brand new one. Ah, that Hannah is one nice girl. {smiles} So now Emma wants to take her wallet wherever we go as well. I had to assure her this morning that we were only going to church and no reason to bring a wallet as we wouldn't be stopping anywhere to buy stuff.

So now my Emma is a big girl. She owns a wallet and she no longer uses a binky. Wow, she is growing up!


daizie said...

that is so great!! YAY Emma!!!
I have been wondering when I should take Logans pacifier away *sigh* not looking forward to that :(

Maribeth said...

I used to do daycare in my home and I de-binkafied many children. And not three year olds either. Five or six year olds!!!
Congrats to Emma!

Sexy Single said...
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Sexy Single said...
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La- said...

She is so cute! I love watching them grown upto be little people!


Cindy & Billy said...

That is awesome. Some don't get it so well to take away the binki, way to prepair her for it and replaice it.

barbara said...

My oh my , that is a big girl now with a wallet & Euros to go with them ! And no more binky, to boot :)
I think that in my (older) generation, I only got pocket money around 10 .

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