Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Tough Decision

Well, it is official. It is something that Gardner and I have talked a lot about over the last few months. And tonight he has asked me to post and announce our blog seperation.

I started this blog back in December 2006. And at one point, I stopped blogging for a period. Gardner kept telling me I needed to blog and I didn't feel like it. I simply told him to start blogging then. So I added him on and we have shared this blog ever since.

Well, after much thought, he is going to start posting on his own blog and I am going to continue on my blog here. Sometimes we will blog about the same things. But most of the time, our focuses are different. I will go back to blogging about what I want to blog about. Whether it is things the kids do, something I find odd about Germany or about things I love to do, like scrapbooking. I tried seperating my scrapbooking from my Germany blog and I can't keep up with more blogs. It is too hard.

So take my blog for what it is. It is going to be all about me. And Gardner's blog will be all about him. His blog is P.S. From Germany. So make sure you check it out!


croppin carla said...

Well good for you, scared me there for a minute with the speration announcement..LOL
Keep it up, lets see some scrappy stuff on here now!

Maribeth said...

Glad to here the separation is only in the blog world and happily will give me more to read!

Cindy aka HappyStamper said...

Yay! Now you can blog about whatever you darn well please! LOL

Maria said...

Blog separation isn't so bad. I'd kick my own hubby out, but he only posts once a year on average, so I continue to share...on one of my million blogs. :)

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