Sunday, May 11, 2008


The kids have a 4 day weekend and so we took the opportunity to visit some friends that live in Erlangen. We left Friday and I have to share about the drive down here.

It was a 3 hour 45 minute car ride. We should be able to handle that. Gardner got home from work Friday to tell me some bad news. The repair shop could not fix our air conditioner. Oh well, life sucks sometimes was my reply. We get everyone and everything loaded and finally, an hour and a half later than we thought, we pull out.

Not even half an hour away, we hit traffic. It was not fun only going 2 miles an hour at times. Finally got our way through that.

We stop off and get McD's for the kids for dinner along the way. we are almost to the half way point. Everyone is doing good.

At one point, I told Gardner that Ian was doing really well with the car ride. Hardly was making a peep. I was really impressed. Not even 5 minutes later, Ian puked. And not a little puke. I couldn't believe how much it was when I finally was able to get off the freeway and get him and his car seat cleaned up as much as possilbe.

We finally arrive close to 11pm at night. Spend 1 hour washing clothes and a car seat in the bath tub. Got everyone to bed. I believe it was close to midnight. I was laying in bed with Ian. Emma didn't want to get back in bed. was right next to me when all of a sudden, she threw up....ON ME! On the bed I was in as well. Gardner grabbed her and took her a different direction. She puked again, all over my clothes I had laying out. Someone was in the bathroom so i grabbed the trash can, and sure enough, she puked again.

So, another hour was spent cleaning the floor, the bed, washing clothes, ect. Saturday morning, everything was thrown in the washing machine. They don't have a dryer so it had to air dry.

It was a crazy start to our weekend get away. Thankfully, that part is behind us and we can enjoy the rest of the weekend.


Kimberly said...

That is horrible. I hope you have good friends, that is so hard to have sick kids when your not at home.

Kay said...

Sorry the first day went so bad. I hope that is all behind you now and that you can enjoy the rest of your little vacation. We leave tomorrow for California to see Grandpa Hanson.

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