Monday, December 8, 2008

A Month In Photos

I have become a Blog Slacker! I know it! Sometimes I think about blogging and then remind myself I have so much I need to Blog about (heaven for bid I should Blog about events out of order), And then talk myself out of it.

So in order to get back on track, I decided to do a Month in Review through Photos. You will get November in this post (with the exception of Hannah's Gymnastics Meet, as it already got its own post). And I will put the beginning of December in the next post.

Let's see if I can get everyone caught up on our busy lives here in Germany! And for the record, these things are out of order. Blogger likes to upload things that way.

We got Snow!

It had been so cold that I was building a fire almost every day. We even roasted Marshmallows and made Smores!

We spent a good portion of November with kids sick. Ian was real sick one weekend and would just lay anywhere I was. And I happened to be in the Kitchen one day and saw this.

Shantal turned 11 on November 10th. She was actually sick on her birthday and had to stay home from school. Luckily, her party was later on in the week and she was better by then.

We had St Martin's where the Kids made Lanterns and walked through the streets singing St Martin songs. Then they went singing door to door to get a ton of candy.

Gardner got a Promotion at work where we are getting a Company Car. We are getting an 8 passenger Van. We did a lot of test driving. This is the Mercedes that we test drove for a weekend. Unfortunately, the Mercedes is out of our price range, but we are happy to have found a van big enough for our needs. It will be ready for us in either February or March.

I was just playing with the camera one day taking pictures of Ian. He is just so darn cute.

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J said...

I find it quite interesting that in the US, you just go to the dealership and pick out the car you want. Here, they have to be made for you.

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