Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Spencer!

Yesterday Spencer had a birthday. He turned 10 years old. It is amazing to me at how fast time goes. Day to day, time seems to be so slow at times. But as I look back, how did my baby boy get so big?

The day started out with me baking 26 soft pretzels in the oven for him to take to school for his birthday treat. He had sport in school. And when it is your birthday and you have sport, you get to choose what the class does on that day for sport. Can you guess what he chose? Soccer. And too bad Shantal is in his class. She was so mad about this decision.

After school, Spencer normally has soccer practice. But as I got him there, there were all the boys and one coach standing there telling us that practice was canceled. The field was locked. They do this from time to time when there has been too much rain. It basically floods the field. Spencer was very sad about this.

We got home and I immediately started dinner. One of his favorite things to eat is Chicken Chow Mein. And Spencer stayed in the kitchen and helped me the whole time. He cut the celery, and did a lot of stirring. He was so excited to work with me in the Kitchen.

At night time before bed, we played Swap as a family (without the two younger kids who were already in bed). Spencer loves this card game and it made his birthday complete.

At first Spencer was a bit disappointed in the day he had. He didn't get much in the form of presents. Money is tight for us this year and so all my kids were told they could choose a present from Mom and Dad or a birthday party with their friends. Of course, they all chose a party. But I couldn't let the day go without giving Spencer a little something. So he got a small box of legos. And then Hannah also gave him a little something. Pokemon Coloring Poster.

I'm glad in the end, Spencer decided it was a pretty good day after all.

Happy Birthday Spencer! I love you a lot and am so glad you are in our family!

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