Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Few Things

This past week, we had a few things happen.

Spencer had his birthday party. He had 5 friends come over and spend the night. I didn't know if I would ever get to bed and I was so tired. Luckily, they were all quiet enough for me to go to bed at midnight. And for inquiring minds.....Spencer got legos, legos, legos and um....oh yeah, legos. lol

Ian woke up around 1am one night and had thrown up in his bed. Ironically, this was Thursday Night, the day before Spencer's Birthday Party. I was up all night with Ian. (that is why I was so tired for Spencer's Party). He threw up a total of 6 times during the night. I was about to take pictures of Ian of all the things a two year old does when he is up at 2am. Because some of them were funny. But I finally got my camera after I had the idea. After the first picture, he started throwing up and I never got my camera out again.

Ian had his last Play Group Gathering this past week. He loved going there with me and loved the teacher that puts everything together. This was our official time with her as everyone else in the group is starting Kindergarten in January. So we will be moving to a new group. She gave all the kids these cute Lady Bugs she made. It has legs out of Candy. Ian was so happy to have his own candy. He was kind enough to share them with Emma.

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