Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Month in Photos, Part 2

Here is what we have so far for December. This is such a busy time of year. And just think, we are not even half way through December yet.

St Nikolaus was on December 6th. The kids left their boots by the front door and got Chocolate and presents.

On December 5th, Emma had a St Nikolaus Party at School. Of course, St Nikolaus showed up and watched their program and had gifts for everyone.

Here is Emma dressed up during her St Nikolaus Party for her part in the Program.

We once again went against the German Tradition and put up our Christmas Tree already. The looks we get from the Germans is funny sometimes. They just think we are crazy. Most Germans put their tree up on Christmas Eve.

We had our second Snow Fall. Shantal showed up after school with this Snowman in her hand.

Saturday Night, December 6th, we had Gardner's Work Christmas party. It was a formal event and I had not worn my formal dress in 5 years. It was fun to get all dressed up.


Briteeyes said...

You look beautiful Tammy! hope you guys had a blast!

Nashe^ said...

I want my gift too! x)

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