Sunday, February 15, 2009

Phones in Bathrooms

Before I start my story, I want to start with describing the doors inside the house here in Germany.

The doors have locks where they use the old fashion type keys. The keys work on both side of the doors. If there are no keys in the holes, then you can see through the whole and see what is going on inside the room.

We usually have taken all the keys and put them up because Ian likes to walk away with the keys and then we can't find them.

For the bathroom on the main floor, the key is on the outside of the door. We did that so we could lock the door where Ian can not go inside the bathroom to play. But then the key is still available for when people need to actually use the bathroom.

Ian now knows how to turn the key. And he doesn't play so much in the bathroom anymore now that he is bigger. But yet, the key is still on the outside of that bathroom door.

Now, let's go to my story.

I was at Spencer's Soccer game yesterday. Then later on in the evening, Gardner and I went to a party and got home after midnight.

As we came home, I went into the bathroom and found the phone sitting on a shelf. We have two phones, but I couldn't understand why the phone was left there. The older kids like using the bathroom as a quieter place to talk on the phone with their friends. But why it was in there today, I had no idea.

So I came out with the phone and make a comment about what does one need a phone in the bathroom for. And Gardner told me a funny story.

Gardner was upstairs working when his cell phone rang. It was Shantal calling from two floors down. She told Gardner she and Ian were locked inside the bathroom. Emma was upset with them and locked them in there.

So, the phone in the bathroom came in handy yesterday. What would they have done without that phone? How long would they have been locked in there? But the question still remains: Why was there a phone in the bathroom to begin with.


Paige said...

The phone was in the that someone could take a very important call.

Interessant, ne?

Harwood Family said...

That is so funny. I guess you never know when you'll need a phone in the bathroom.

Kimberly said...

That is a funny story. I am amazed someone hasn't gotten locked inside before now.

Cindy aka HappyStamper said...

btw- cell phones in the bathroom come in handy when you discover too late that you are out of TP

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