Sunday, February 22, 2009

Looking For Powder

Approximately two months ago, I took Emma with me to run some errands. I went into the drug store looking for baby powder. I looked all over the baby aisle. And I couldn't see anything. Then I said out loud, "come Emma. I don't see the powder here. We need to try another aisle". Then Emma says, it is right here Mom. And she grabs it.

I would of walked away and looked a bit longer and eventually gone back to that spot and at last, i would of found it. But it would of taken me a lot longer.

This past week, I took Ian with me to the drug store. And what was I looking for? Baby Powder. I went to a different drug store than the previous time. But I had been to this one on a few occasions and even bought baby powder there before.

I went to the baby aisle and looked around. I couldn't see it. I said out loud once again, "come Ian. The powder isn't here. Let's try on another aisle." And then you can hear Ian with his grunts (as he doesn't talk) and he is pointing. He found the powder. Once again, I was about to walk away.

The baby powder here is so small compared to in America. They are more like travel size containers. So it is easy not to spot it.

Luckily, I had Emma and Ian with me on these two occasions.

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Paige said...

It must be down low on the shelf so that people of height (or grown-ups) don't see it, and the little ones can see it.

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