Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another Trip to the Emergency Room

Last night, Gardner and I took Hannah to the Emergency Room. Shantal said it best when she asked, "Why does everything happen to Hannah?"

She went to a friends house to play yesterday. It was a boys house and he had another friend over. They all three are in the same class. Anyway, they were playing something and one of the boys landed somehow on her foot. I was not home, as I had an appointment. That is why she was over there to begin with. And directly afterwards, she went to Gymnastics.

She came home limping and my other kids told me she would do the run/limp in Gymnastics. Why she went there is beyond me. She actually probably made it worse by trying to do what she normally does.

I never thought it was broken. Just hurt and sore. I mean, she was doing Gymnastics after all.

But after I put her in bed, she was crying in so much pain. I had never heard her scream in so much pain before that it scared me and I remember a friend of mine told me once of her son who broke something and didn't find out until a few days later.

Knowing her birthday is tomorrow and having a bunch of people over and more importantly, she is getting baptized next week and family is coming in from America, I wanted to verify what was happening with her foot. So we decided to take her in right away.

It is very bruised on the inside and the doctor said it can be very painful. They wrapped it and she is not allowed to do sports for 3 days. He thinks by Saturday she should be able to walk on it normally again. Right now, she still hobbles on one foot or limps when she decides to put pressure on it.

Hannah is home from school today. And is loving it. It is nice when only one is home.

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