Sunday, February 1, 2009

Long Lost Tamara

So I am sure that many people are wondering what in the world Happened to Tamara during January? Why did she disappear?

Yes, even my own Mother thought that. While talking to her on the phone last night, she mentioned I had not updated my blog in a long time.

Well, I have a very good reason for not updating. My computer died on January 5th. The motherboard needed replacing and they estimated it to be $350 to replace it. We opted not to get it fixed. But instead, get a new computer.

Our new computer has been ordered and we will be getting it on March 4th when Gardner's parents come out to visit. March 4th is a very long time from January 5th. And even though it is only February 1st today, I have been going through major withdrawals without one. This past month has been hard on me.

We have some good friends here in Germany. We helped them out when they moved here quite a bit. The husband stayed with us for a month. Then the whole family stayed with us for almost a week. But then came to our house a few times a week to do laundry for a few weeks.

We were at their house last night and during dinner they said they had a present for us. I was a little in shock. Why a present for us? They sent us home with their lap top. Of course, it is only on loan until our new one arrives. And they have another computer they can use at home. But their kindness and generousity is amazing.

It made me think of two Things:

  • You need to be a friend to have a friend.
  • Karma

We gave them everything we had when they moved here. And now they did the same for us.

I have so many things that have happened over the past month that I kept thinking I wanted to blog about. Let's see over this next week if I can remember any of them.

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Kimberly said...

What great friends to think of you and help you out. You have been missed, I love to hear about your life especially because of the different experiences that you are having.

March 2007