Saturday, August 30, 2008

Remembering The Nanny

Today, Gardner was mowing the lawn out back. And we have this huge apple tree. Everytime we mow the lawn, we have to pick up the apples off the ground to run the lawn mower.

Closer to the house was a pile of apples from the last time the lawn was mowed. It was sitting in the dirt and weeds we currently have out back. Anyway, we needed to get them picked up and put into the bio trash can. But they seriously were disgusting.

I knew I didn't want to touch these apples and remembered I had cleaning gloves underneath the Kitchen sink. So I asked Emma if she would go get the gloves so we could pick up the yucky apples.

Then she looked at me all excited and said, "Mom, I can wear the Nanny's Gloves". Now, she of course didn't say the Nanny. She said her name. And many of you might recall the extra help we had after my surgery in March and the beginning of April. And we called her our Nanny.

It was just too cute that she remembered her after all these months. And her face beemed when she talked about her.

She brought me out the Gloves and Emma, Ian and I proceeded to pick up all the yucky apples and threw them away.

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