Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First Day of School

Monday was the first day of school for the kids here in Germany.

I was not certain whether Hannah would be able to go back to school with everyone else until that very morning. And Emma, I had decided the night before that she would not be allowed to go. With them both having the Chicken Pox, I needed to make sure they were not contagious anymore before they were able to go. And Hannah got the clear and headed off to school.

School on Monday was only 3 hours long. The reason being is because they do the "Einschulung", which is something special to welcome the first graders into the school. Hannah ended up staying to help out with the Einschulung, but Spencer and Shantal came home. They were all disappointed they had homework on their first day.

A funny conversation while getting ready that morning. I was in the kitchen making the kids breakfast snack for school and I was mentioning having a good day. Of course, I got the: it won't be a good day conversation from Shantal and Spencer. Then all of a sudden, Spencer says...Wait. It will be a good day because the 4th graders are no longer in the school. Spencer then says and Shantal agreeing, that they now "rule" the school.

This is a big year for the Spencer and Shantal and school here in Germany. This is the year that we make decisions on what school they go to next year. It is a big complex system they have and totally different from America. And it is something I will have to come back to another time.

I hope the kids have a great school year!

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Cathy said...

Beautiful photos of your kiddlets off to school.

Hope all is well in your world....MISS YOU!

March 2007