Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chicken Pox

I started noticing on Emma one morning some spots on her belly. As the day progressed, she was getting them on her legs, her arms and her behind.

The next day, I noticed Hannah getting these same dots.

I started to dismiss them at first thinking there is no way they could have the chicken pox. But, it was more and more evident that they indeed were the Pox.

Because they both have been immunized from Chicken Pox, they didn't get them too horrible. Neither one of them got any on their faces. But did get them all over the rest of their body. To give you an idea, I remember counting Emma's (who definately had it worse than Hannah). And she had 19 on her stomach, 13 on her legs, 6 on her arms and 7 on her bottom.

That was just one day. But they kept increasing in number as the day would go on.

Luckily, they haven't itched too much.

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Briteeyes said...

OOOO I wish you lived closer, I would bring Levi over to play!!!!! Dang it! *I am serious, I don't immunize against chicken pox,, I expose my kids to it!* Hope your girls don't get too sick! Good luck!

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