Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pop Rocks

While I was in America, My sister bought the Kids all Pop Rocks. My kids love Pop Rocks and were so excited to see them in my suitcase when I came back.

Emma and Ian both didn't know what Pop Rocks were. I was curious to how they would re-act to such a candy in their mouth. They loved it to say the least.

Pop Rocks ended up everywhere in my house. I was stepping on them all night.

Coco, the Pop Rocks were a big hit! Or should I say, they totally ROCKED! {giggle} The kids all were saying "thank you" to you as they were eating them. So these pictures are for you to see their enjoyment while eating said pop rocks.

Oh and one more thing Coco......Happy Birthday!


Coleen said...

roflol that's great!!! I'm happy they liked them :-) Thank you for the birthday wishes!

Cindy & Billy said...

I love pop rocks. I'm glad that even living in Germany your children aren't deprived of the pop rocks experience.

Liz :) said...

Me and my kids love Pop Rocks too! haha.. I remember the first time my little one tried them, she was freaking out... I don't know how I found your blog but I used to live in Germany too, I was in the Army while I was there though, I loved Dusseldorf! They have that little shop with nothing but Didle stuff! I bought the biggest Didle ever there, he's huge, he weighs more than 2 of my girls put together too!

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