Thursday, June 19, 2008

A quick Update

I never seem to find the time to update the blog. Or, I don't feel like our lives are exciting enough for an update.

But I know it has been a bit since I updated and decided just to share some pictures we have taken the last two weeks.

Earlier this week, I made new play dough for the kids. They were so excited for the green play dough. They couldn't believe how soft it was. They have all played with it every day this week. So fun to have something new.

The other day, we had a bit of a scare. Ian came into me gagging. He had gotten into the dishwasher tabs that were up on top of the counter. And bit right through the package. You can see the chunk out of the tab. And I know he actually ate some, I saw him. Needless to say, he ended up with a rash all over his body from it, and was forced to drink lots of liquids to flush it out. On top of that, I have now found a new home for these way up in a cupboard where can not reach them, not even with a stool.

The little kids love to play outside in the back. I do yard work usually two times a week. And I use this blue container to put the weeds into while working. Ian loves picking the dandylions out of the grass and throw them in. He is always a busy little boy.

Emma went on her first field trip with her school last week. I was a little worried, knowing she is only three and very slow. They took a walking trip, for 3 and a half hours. But she made it, had a lot of fun and can't wait for her next "ausflug", which is field trip.

Emma and Ian just like hanging out together.

Spencer right before his very last soccer game. We found this huge chocolate soccer ball and gave it to him for the end of the year gift. He loved it. He really wanted to kick it around a bit. Silly Spencer.

Ian loves riding on his bike. And he loves wearing his helmet.

Hi Cutie Emma!

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La- said...

Those are such cute shots!! I love that HUGE Chocolate soccer ball!!!


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