Monday, June 23, 2008

Driving Slow

So something funny happened on Friday.

I had to drive Gardner to work and then after I dropped him off, I was running to a store called Real. Well, I was driving on a highway, instead of the autobahn. And the speed limit is 80 Kilometers and I was driving 90. (remember, I have a tendancy to drive a little fast). 90 Kilometers is roughly 55 miles an hour.

All of a sudden, Emma, who was sitting way in the back, asked me, "Mom, are we driving slow?" It kind of caught me off guard. And then I said, "yes we are driving slow". 55 Miles an hour compared to 105 miles an hour is slow.

And it made me realize that when I go to America, I am going to be driving slow. And it also made me realize that my little 3 year old noticed the difference between 55 and 105 miles an hour. A little shocking.

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{monica} said...

I'm so glad I'll have my own car this weekend. ;)

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