Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Autobahn

This morning, I had to run out to Hinsbeck to pick up Spencer and a few boys from his Soccer Team. They were away all weekend and I was the one designated to pick them up.

As I started to get on the autobahn, I was amazed at how empty the autobahn was. And then I remembered it was Sunday. But even still, I drive on the autobahn every Sunday to go to Church. But for some reason, today it hit me more odd.

But that is when I remembered something. Yes it is Sunday. And Semi Trucks are not allowed to drive on the Autobahn on Sundays. And that is what it was. The autobahn just seemed so empty. And it was the lack of Semi Trucks cruising along.

I did pull off at a rest stop at one point to help Ian, as I had Ian in the van with me. And lo and behold, there were all the Semi Trucks. They are all waiting for their time to get back on the Autobahn. Oh, they would still be waiting for a very long time. This was at 9 o'clock this morning. And I don't think they are allowed back on until 10 pm at night. (I could be wrong about the time).

I know that there are some semi's allowed on the Autobahn. If they are transporting frozen foods, then they are allowed. I remember hearing that and I did see one Semi that fit into that category on the Autobahn today.

And then the other thing that dawned on me today while driving is how fast I drive. I mean, I know I drive fast. But, as I was going 100 miles per hour today without a care in the world, I started to worry about my trip coming up in the next couple weeks to America. How am I going to handle only driving 65 miles an hour? {giggle}


Maria said...

Driving in the US after driving in Germany (or really most of Europe) was hard for me. Not only is the traffic slower, but the concept of slow staying right is lost. LOL!

Lisa said...

Vroom Vroom! I think it's cool that the trucks aren't allowed on there on Sundays. I would love to someday drive on the Autobahn. I could actually imagine myself cruising along at 100mph without a care, just like you. I hope you do okay when you come here this month and don't get any tickets. Wink!!

La- said...

WOW! Driving 100... with not a care in te world! I cannot even imagine... I would love to drive on the Autobhan someday!!


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