Monday, June 2, 2008

Here Birdie, Birdie, Birdie!

We live in a Townhouse. And there are 4 houses all connected together. We are the third house coming down the walk. And the house next to us, has all these bird nests up by their rain gutter. It really goes all the way across. LOTS of bird nests. They are fun to watch fly in and out. But they can be real noisy.

OK, now we will jump a bit. It is getting to be pretty hot here in Germany. Or atleast, where we are. And we have no air conditioner. Most homes don't have them here.

Anyway, to help cool down the house some, I open all the windows and doors to help circulate the air. During the hotest times of the day, I drop the shades and everything is closed up. But by late afternoon, I am ready for some air and everything gets opened. Plus, there tends to be a bit of a breeze at times.

Well, we were sitting at dinner and Shantal had gotten up to get something. Well, all of a sudden she said, Mom, there is a bird in our house! And then I could hear it flying from the entry way into the Kitchen.

First thing I did after watching Shantal screaming and running away was grab my camera. After I got my few shots, I opened my kitchen window all the way for it to fly out. But it didn't want to leave. It was pretty happy sitting there on the window. Finally, it flew out and the fun for the night ended.

I can say, I have never had a bird come into my house before. I wonder if it will be the last.


Briteeyes said...

HOW FUN! Be glad it wasn't a bat, we have those dive bombing us at night when we sit outside! I wish it was a bird! LOL

{monica} said...

How cool is that?! You're probably thinking, not so much. LOL

I'll have to look up those birds nesting sites.

barbara said...

Cute !!
I would have done like you, a few photos.
But we have to be careful if that happens, with 2 cats & a dog in our home !

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