Saturday, June 7, 2008

Our Week Part 2

So to continue on with some things that are happening here with us..........................

Today, I went out to Real to Grocery Shop. It is a bigger store where I can find things I can't find at our smaller Grocery Stores in town. I end up driving 20 minutes each way and I try not to make this trip too often. I usually go when I want WHITE eggs. I have a problem, a big problem. I don't like brown eggs. {giggle} See, I have a theory. And it is that I throw out more brown eggs because of blood in them than it is worth. And we go through a lot of eggs at our house.

Anyway, back to my story. I bought so many haribo's, chocolates and games to take to America.
Oh, this isn't all I have. I have been stocking up since I found out I was going. {giggle}

And while we were there, I stocked up a bit on Salsa and Refried Beans. And no trip is complete with Kids without walking down the toy aisle. And when we did that, it happened. Emma found what she has been wanting to buy. She got money from her Grandma for her birthday and she told me she wanted a computer. But I never knew what kind. The bigger girls got Barbie computers when we lived in America. And by golly, Emma wants to always be like them. So, Emma walked out of the store as the proud owner of a Kids Computer. It is kind of strange to hear this thing talk in German. I know, it shouldn't be strange to me, right? I mean, I have lived her for almost 2 years. But it does take me by surprise and it does make me giggle. Poor Emma has to deal with Ian who constantly wants to hold it and press the buttons.

Something Cute happened with Hannah yesterday too. She goes to Gymnastics everything Thursday. Every Thursday afternoon at 3pm, she goes to her friends house to play. And then Gymnastics starts at 5pm and they walk there together. we have been doing this almost all year long. Her Friend's mom used to always walk them home at night, as they get out around 6:45pm. Now that it is light, the girls are a bit older, the girls walk home alone. Debbie walks Hannah here first before she heads on to her house. She lives one street over and can take a short cut through the park. I find it cute that she walks Hannah to the door everyday instead of just saying good bye at the end of the houses.

Well, yesterday, I heard them at the door. My door is usually open most of the day to get air in the house because we have no air conditioner. (it is not odd here in Germany. It is very rare to see someone with air.) Anyway, my door was open and I could hear them. So I got up and started walking towards the door and they totally stopped talking. So I walked into the kitchen instead, in hopes of not ruining what was happening. But I could see them through our glass door and hear them. {giggle} They were talking like someone would talk to a baby. You know, that babyish talk. the voice in which you say things.

Ok, anyway, all of a sudden, I hear Debbie pull something out of her bag and give it to Hannah. And then she says, "go show it to your mom. I'll wait here." So Hannah brings this note that she made for her. And the note says, "you are my best friend". And it was written in English just for Hannah. It was so cute and it actually brought warmth to my heart. I have a child who has friends here in Germany. And she has someone who considers her a best friend. I was thrilled for Hannah.

These two girls are inseperable for the most part. They like to be together when ever they can. And we get along with their family great. That makes it even better for our family. We have been lucky to get to know some great people here. It hasn't been easy, but a few families that we have come to know have really helped us out and I do hope that even after we eventually move back to America, that our friendships will stay strong.


C N Heidelberg said...

Aww, you don't need to throw out those eggs! There's nothing wrong with those little spots, they're normal. Go to
/Eggs/FAQ.htm (http removed and space added to try to subvert any link filtering you might have turned on in comments) to read about them.

La- said...

I know you are so excited about coming and seeinf all the freaks! I and I know they will be excited about the candy!! LOL


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