Saturday, April 28, 2007

Going To The Land Of TheTulips

So, we have a movie that my kids really like. It is called, The Best Two Years. It's about these four mormon Missionaries from America who go to Holland to share their religion to the people in Holland for 2 years.

Well, today we ventured out and drove 2 1/2 hours to visit the Land of Tulips. We first went to Keukenhof. It is a garden of what else....Tulips. It was really beautiful. And the kids really did well.

We walked around and saw the flowers. We saw windmills, the kids climbed trees, played in wooden shoes, played on a playground, enjoyed a petting zoo (especially Emma chasing a duck!). We stayed about 2 hours and did not even see the whole gardens. It was kind of hard because Emma has learned this past week how to unbuckle herself from the stroller and climb out while we are moving. So we left and headed somewhere she could run and play.

A good 10 minute drive and we were at the sea. It is called the North Sea (we believe anyway!). The kids really had a good time. I did not get a lot of pictures since I was busy breastfeeding Ian. But, while I was doing that, I watched Gardner with the kids. The three older kids put on their swimsuits, but Emma's never got on her. Well, she fell in. Of course, she did not mind at all. The water was a bit cold and there was a big cool breeze there. It was funny because the kids kept complaining about the salt that got on their lips. They kept spitting trying to get rid of it. We have taken the kids many times to the Lakes up in Wisconsin, but they are not salty like the Sea or Ocean.

We stayed there about one and a half hours. We knew we needed to get going because of the two small kids. We stopped by McDonald's on the way home so the kids could eat dinner. Gardner was real excited once we hit the Germany border, because then there was no speed limit again. Here is proof of how fast our van can get up to. It could go faster, but I don't know how much faster since the speedometer does not go much higher.


Tracy said...

What beautiful Tulips! I am so very jealous now :)

Tamara said...

Tracy, our door is ALWAYS open!

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