Thursday, April 5, 2007

Easter Break

So, we are well into the first week of Easter Break. Tomorrow is Good Friday, which is a Holiday here. Everything will be closed until Tuesday. Of course, there is Easter and then Easter Monday. Gardner took this whole week off of work. We really have not done anything in the ways of traveling or site seeing. Gardner did get our German Taxes done though. He is at the tax office as we speak turning them in.

Hannah has gone to Kindergarten everyday this week. There are not that many kids there. Not even half. There are only 3 teachers instead of 5. The great thing is, since there are not that many kids, they have been letting big brother and sisters come in. So on Tuesday, Shantal spent the morning with Hannah in Kindergarten. And then Yesterday, Spencer spent the morning there and even stayed for lunch. They both get a turn to go back next week.

So the other night, I made Reibekuchen. Or should I say, I attempted to make them. Reibekuchen is a big thing here in Germany. It is a pototo Pancake. Well, I swore that night, I would never make them again. I will settle for paying a little bit more money and buy them already done. Gardner and the kids like them. I even got all three of the bigger kids to try applesauce (which they don't like). The Germans eat their Reibekuchen with applesauce.

I actually worked on some scrapbooking this past week. I have pulled my sorry big butt away from the computer and moved it over to my scrap table (my big butt, not the computer) at night. I am working on an album and I have made up 10 page kits. For those that don't know what a page kit is, I have all the paper picked out for a page, I have it cut to size, all the embellishments (accents for the page) I want to include PLUS, I drew up a layout idea on paper and have all that inside a ziplock bag. All I have left to do is to put each piece where it goes on the paper. That is the easy part. It takes me so long to decide what to do with each page. So I am excited to actually have the hard part out of the way. Putting the finishing touches on the page to make it complete is the fun part to me. When I actually finish these pages, I will be including them for all to see.

Ian.....Let's talk about Ian. Have I ever mentioned the Great Wall of China that we have made in our living room? Our stairs from the dining room into the living room are two steps high and go from wall to wall . Meaning, there is no gate that we could use to keep Ian off the stairs. So, we have made what we call, the Great Wall of China. It consists of one pack n play, 3 Kitchen Chairs, two toy buckets, one kids rocking chair and one laundry basket. It is a pain to get up and down the stairs when I want, but it keeps Ian away. The reason we came up with this is because I went into the basement to do a load of laundry. When I came back, Ian had climbed up the two steps and was almost to the basement stairs. My heart sank when I realized it was not much further until he would of toppled all the way down the marble stairs.

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