Monday, September 1, 2008

Picking Berries

Sunday we were enjoying the nice afternoon. The kids were playing with Ian's birthday presents when the door bell rang.

Our very nice nieghbors had asked if the kids would come pick raspberries as they had too many. And as most know, berries don't last too long once they are ready.

So over went Spencer and Hannah. I went out to my backyard to see if I could get some pictures of them. And sure enough, I could

It was so nice to see the two of them working together, Being friendly and joking around with one another. Most of the time, I only see and hear the fighting, the bickering and the teasing one another.

Spencer wasn't too happy about the camera, but did let me take some pictures anyway.

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Ann said...

What fun pictures and they look happy working together. The berries look delicious.

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